the great Gregg Allman passed away on May 27, 2017

truly a music legend. the frontman of one of the greatest bands in history and a most brilliant keys/piano player i can go on and on but all of my sentiments can be found in the hundreds of articles and posts to the internet people have written now that hes gone….Here Gregg sings Freebird…this was the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Allmans, with the huge run at the Beacon Theater in 2009, chock full of guests appearing nightly. i went to 6 or 7 of these shows. this is the only night of any Allmans gig at the Beacon in the 20+ yrs they played the theater, that I had a Row AA ticket…over the next few weeks ill be uploading many clips and full sets of the Allman Brothers that I have filmed..
RIP Gregg Allman 1947-2017