Welcome back for Vol. 4 of “Backstage Jams.” So far we’ve featured Jimi Hendrix backstage playing Hound Dog, Jerry Garcia backstage playing Crazy Fingers, and Pete Townshend backstage doing a two song mini-set.

When you go to Warren Haynes Christmas Jam, you’re guaranteed some great jam sessions on stage. So it’s probably no surprise that there’s some jamming going on backstage too.

In this video, Trey Anastasio is backstage with Warren himself. The clip begins with a short interview, followed by a nice Funky Bitch inspired blues jam that finds the two virtuosos trading loose licks for about 5 minutes.

The tone and sound on warren’s guitar is fuckin mind blowing.

Personally I dig this little backstage jam session, but my favorite part isn’t actually the music at all — it’s the way Trey and Warren share a laugh at the end, as if even they’re surprised by what just transpired.

“That was cool” Trey says. Yes Trey, cool indeed.

P.S. I’m assuming this is from 2005 Xmas Jam. If you know otherwise, please drop a comment.