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thank you “panador” for the recording!!!! amazing capture my friend . . thank you so much!

..and thanks to The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Anton Newcombe, for letting me share this with the public . .

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Crescent Ballroom
Phoenix, AZ USA

1. Never Ever 0:45
2. Geezers 6:47
3. vad hände med dem/ what happened to them? 12:24
4. Who 17:39
5. That Girl Suicide 21:43
6. Nevertheless 26:34
7. Jennifer 31:42
8. here comes the waiting for the sun 36:00
9. Groove Is In The Heart 46:01
10. Leave It Alone 52:00
11. Anemone\Anton’s Light In My Eyes Rant 59:02
12. whatever hippie bitch 1:06:15
13. Days Weeks And Moths 1:12:19
14. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six 1:18:30
15. Jam (you look great when I’m fucked up & prozac vs heroin jams) 1:22:13
16. Down 1:32:19
17. When Jokers Attack 1:35:25
18. Sailor 1:43:50
19. What You Isn’t 1:50:27
20. The Devil May Care (Mom And Dad Don’t) 1:57:40
21. Open Heart Surgery 2:04:42
22. Servo 2:09:30
23. Pish 2:15:05
24. Yeah Yeah \ Anton’s Beer Can Rant 2:19:33
25. Government Beard 2:31:40
26. The Lantern 2:35:41
27. She’s Gone 2:39:36

Audience Recording
Recorded and transferred by pander
flac overlaid onto of visuals by BoPs
all thanks goes to pander for taping!

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-25 external mics (croakies mounted on eyeglasses) ~ Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-10 (microphone power supply) ~ Tascam DR-05 Recorder (wav) PC ~ Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (editing\track splitting\amplifying) ~ TLH flac level 8
Settings: Medium mic sensitivity (Medium Gain)

The Crescent Ballroom is a laid back venue. You walk through the bar\restaurant to get to the concert location. Their website says the capacity is 500. We neglected to buy tickets ahead of time until we saw that the show was SOLD OUT. Luckily we scored some tix on craigslist. Recorded from the left side in direct line with the ceiling mounted speakers. BJM came onstage slightly after 9 o’clock and left slightly after midnight! No intermission, no encore. At the end of Track 1 Anton says, “We don’t do requests” and “We play for 3 hours”, and they did. Anton had two episodes of ranting to audience members for shining a light in his eyes (“How would you like it if I came to Taco Bell while you were working and shined a f***ing light in YOUR eye?”) and for an alleged thrown beer can. The crowd was great and really into the show. Overall an incredible long set of music, even if it meant getting home to Tucson at 2:30 AM.
thanks to #rogeraiken as well for the picture/thumbnail