Welcome to Vol. 6 of Face-Melting Kids, our semi-regular series on child prodigies who rock.

I love stories like this. On November 30th, power trio “Call Logan,” comprised of two high school sophomores and one middle-schooler from Connecticut, posted a great cover of You Enjoy Myself on YouTube.

Within a few days, the video made the rounds on countless Phish message boards and blogs, and there was universal agreement on two things.

First, these kids play damn well.

There is a level of musical maturity here that amazes the heck out of me.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the bass player looks like McLovin from Superbad! And on further inspection, the guitar player does too!

The band’s new-found fans clamored for the band to change their name and pay homage to their duo of McLovin dopplegangers. Phantasy Tour and the comment thread on YouTube were lit up with pleas for the new name… McLovins.

In what I believe will turn out to be a brilliant marketing move, the band decided to oblige their fans, officially changing their name. And McLovins were born!

Now McLovins aim to please, you see, so they didn’t stop at just a simple name change.

They followed it up with a few solid originals, one of which was entitled Purple Trees (PT) in honor of their new friends on Phantasy Tour. I’m not a huge fan of that tune, but I am a huge fan of one of the other originals, Guillotine Machine (watch it up above).

Guillotine Machine melts-face. It has a funky beginning, more than a few interesting transitions (like the one at 2:50 to 3:15), and it resolves into a total shredfest at the end.

I’d love to see McLovins add a keyboard player to round out their sound, but I think they’ll be going places either way.