Soule Monde performs live at Localfolk Smokehouse in Waitsfield, VT on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

This show was also an afterparty for the wedding of Dopapod bassist, Chuck Jones and his wife Aly. Soule Monde is joined in the second set by Rob Compa on guitar, Mike Bafundo (West End Blend) on trumpet, and Neal “Fro” Evans on drums/cowbell.

Those of us at the wedding arrived towards the end of the first set, which is when this recording starts. The audio is pretty drum-heavy, due to the placement of the camera and attached mics (there weren’t many options for where to set these up, so this is what I ended up with).

Be sure to watch in HD. Also available in 4K!

Russ Lawton – drums
Ray Paczkowski – keys

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