The Breakfast performs live at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT on Friday, November 2, 2018 for their Phantasmagoria CD Release Party.

Be sure to watch in HD.

This was originally livestreamed on Facebook.

Directed by MKDevo and Paul Ryan
Ken Raflowitz: HH Camera Operator
Matt Vallo: Video Engineer

Set 1: Space City Affair → Psygn, Shotgun Butterfly, Rust, Rush, See the Light → Metropolis

Set 2: Language of the Gods*, Question Mark and the Mind*, Good Things*, Dig*, The Vermont Song* → drum solo^

Set 3: Hard Luck Harry → Reel Time, Gladys Pimp and Kangaroos with Me → Escher’s Etchings (Part 3) → Escher’s Etchings (Part 4) → Escher’s Etchings (Part 5)

Encore: Wild Pack of Asscracks

* Tim on acoustic guitar, Chris on upright bass
^ Segued directly into Set 3

Tim Palmieri – guitar/vocals
Adrian Tramontano – drums
Jordan Giangreco – keyboards/vocals
Chris DeAngelis – bass/vocals

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