The Disco Biscuits
Live at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

The Disco Biscuits are:

Allen Aucoin
Marc Brownstein
Jon Gutwillig
Aron Magner

Production Manager: Pat Hutchinson
Lighting Director: Johnny R. Goode III
Tour Manager: Craig Gruen
FOH: Rich Steele
Guitar & Drum Tech: Damon Breeland
Bass & Keyboard Tech: TJ Elias
Monitor Engineer: Bryan Woldar
Laser Tech: Johnathan Drlicka
Production Assistant: Ryan Noel
Day to Day: Drew Granchell

Produced by The Disco Biscuits, Drew Granchelli, & Chris Lonergan

Directed & Live Edit by Chris Lonergan

Chris Lonergan
Cliff Lloret
Matt Merin
Erik Baumer
Hannah Allen

Stream Tech:
Lonnie Davis