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@ the , “Blue Loon”
Fairbanks, Alaska

Camera 1: Sony HDR-XR150 ~ mts files by ballsdeep

Camera 2: Sony DCR-TRV140 ~ dv files by ballsdeep

NTSC 16:9
Set 1: 6500Kb/s
Set 2: 5500Kb/s
720X480 29.97 fps

Audio: Tascam dr-2d with internal mics by ballsdeep
Audio codec: LPCM 48KHz 1536kb/s, stereo

Synced, edited and authored by r**p***

with Sony Vegas pro 13 & DVD Architect 6

Set 1

Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
Last Salmon Man
Southbound Pachyderm
Over the Falls
Lee Van Cleef
John the Fisherman
My Name Is Mud
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver


Set 2

Here Come the Bastards
Dirty Drowning Man
Moron TV
American Life
Eternal Consumption Engine
Jilly’s on Smack
Groundhog’s Day
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (introduced as Alaska’s Got Themselves an Albino Beaver)
Harold of the Rocks
-encore break-
Too Many Puppies


Les Claypool – bass & vocals
Larry Lalonde – guitar & vocals
Jay Lane – drums & vocals

this was my first attempt at doing a ‘different’ type of filming project at the outdoor stage at the Blue Loon, that being taking out some trees behind the back fence of the venue, and filming from the ridge up above the top of the fence. it’s actually owned by someone other than the venue owner, though I did buy a ticket and clear it with the venue owner first. so instead of having to try and ‘stealth’ it, I had an “almost clear” view of the stage (one slat from the fence is still in the way, I need to go out there next spring and saw the top 3 feet of it off)….with my fluid-head Manfrotto tripod and my Hi8 cam on a ghetto plastic tripod. that said…what a show it was.

while Primus did visit Anchorage in ’96 (which I believe was drummer Tim Alexander’s last show at the time, it was originally scheduled for May 13, but got bumped to June 13 due to an issue with someone in the band, my audio out there is frequently mislabeled with the incorrect date), this was their first time in Fairbanks, and we got a full 2 set show that focused more on the music, instead of the light show.

I had heard from a person or two that they thought the performance was ‘uninspired’, and I could not disagree more. while the first couple songs were a bit off, imo, by the time they got to “Last Salmon Man”, they were locked in a groove that took them hours to fall back out of. I must also add that the audio decks, instead of being ‘near the geese’ (all the chatterers who consider a show a ‘social event’ vs. being there for the music), the Tascam was taped 6 feet high in a tree, about 80 yard from the stage, behind the crowd, behind the fence. yet the show was *loud*, and I truly hear some what I like to call “DSOTM moments” on the recording, when the band is going off on 3 different directions. I was amazed that the DR-2D with internal mics could capture a recording so punchy, clear, and ‘even’ across the audio spectrum. or, it’s on par with any mic-stand recording I’ve ever heard.

as for the music itself, it was nice as a Fairbanksan (sic) that we actually got the ‘full rock show’ vs. Anchorage (also filmed that, single cam, stealth, from ***a mini-tripod on top of an outhouse vent, to get above the crowd***), as Fairbanks got 21 songs and a 2-set, 2.5 hour show, vs. the 17 song/2 hour one Anchortown got. one glaring omission was “Tommy The Cat”, which for me was ok, as I’ve seen Primus a half dozen times, a couple other highlights were “My Name Is Mud”, and the lead in story to WBBB, it still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

anyhow, enough about my experience, BIG thanks to both Mr. Top Hat, and Mr. Redpill, as this has been a project a couple years in the making. hopefully you dig the ‘filtering’ done with the Hi8 (an EXTRA big shout out goes to Mr. Becker in Canada, who meticulously transferred the Hi8 footage at a huge bit-rate, so none of the good stuff was dithered down), I particularly like the ‘solarize’ effect with all the pot smoke and tree seeds blowing around; it’s almost as if the camera created a light show of its own under the midnight sun for our “Solstice Party”. hopefully you folks dig it as much as I enjoyed filming it.

—b*******p OUT