A quick look back at our NYE Run in Denver a month ago!

Can’t wait to be back in CO for 3 nights at the Belly Up Aspen in March ❤️️💛💙 tickets are available here: https://sts9.com/pages/sts9-belly-up-aspen-2019

Track: STS9 – Breathe In

Video by Tomas Morgan

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Listen to Night 1 (12/28) here: https://sts9.bandcamp.com/album/20181228-fillmore-auditorium-denver-co

Listen to Night 2 (12/29) here: https://sts9.bandcamp.com/album/20181229-fillmore-auditorium-denver-co

Listen to Night 3 (12/30) here: https://sts9.bandcamp.com/album/20181230-wave-spell-experience-summit-denver-co

Listen to Night 4 (12/31) here: https://sts9.bandcamp.com/album/20181231-fillmore-auditorium-denver-co

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